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Boston Counseling - Affordable Rates and Fees

Thrive Boston Counseling Now Accepts Most Major Insurance Plans!

Call 617-395-5806 for more information, or to schedule a session.

We currently accept BC/BS, Aetna, Tufts, United Healthcare, TriCare, UBH, Harvard Pilgrim, Beacon Health, Fallon, and numerous others!

There are many counselors, therapists, psychologists, and life coaches in the greater Boston area. As you begin to look for a therapist, you will want to make sure you are finding the right counselor, at the right value.

Too often people spend good money, and (perhaps even more valuable) a lot of time and effort, searching for help in places where they find no improvement and no peace of mind.

You are Treated with Respect, Professionalism, and Expert Care

The professionals at Thrive Boston Counseling Therapy and Life Coaching are focused on providing excellent service and care to their clients. Learn more about our premium Concierge-level Benefits.

When you come to Thrive, you will realize quickly that you are treated with the utmost respect, and that Thrive Boston Counseling professionals live up to a standard of quality and professionalism that is rarely seen in the mental health field.

You are never viewed as a diagnosis, but always as a whole person with an inate ability to live an amazing and fulfilling life.

No Waiting Lists

Respect and Professionalism

A focus on healing and building on your strengths

Free telephone Consultation

Extended office hours (8am-8:30pm, and weekends)

Online and telephone counseling options

UPDATED: Click to learn more about our premium Concierge-level Benefits.

Counseling Rates -- Free Telephone Consulation

Let's talk about getting started. Call 617-395-5806 and speak with a Thrive Boston Psychotherapist, for a 5-10 minute consultation, FREE! (Free--Such a consultation can cost $50 dollars or more). Don't worry, this is a no-pressure phone call. We never pressure anyone to begin or continue counseling or life coaching.

There's no pressure. Let's talk.

Counseling is affordable.

It is difficult to post exact rates because prices change depending on therapist and the type of care being sought. However, we often can find a rate that clients can afford, and we do accept many major insurance types--including Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, Harvard Pilgrim, United Behavioral Health, Tufts Health Plan, and More.

Call us ]and a Thrive Boston Counselor can talk with you today. If you hear our voicemail message, don't be discouraged! That means we are helping another client, and we will get back with you--usually within the hour, so leave a message.

Nervous about calling? You can also email us at support@thriveboston.com. Please leave your phone number in your email and we will contact you back right away. We look forward to meeting you!

Counseling Services Agreement

The Thrive Boston Psychotherapy Services agreement provides more in-depth information about the Thrive Boston Counseling process. You can view the agreement by clicking here: Boston Counseling Services Agreement