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About Thrive Boston Therapy Groups

Thrive Groups are powerful encounters where participants can experience dramatic growth and change while being supported and encouraged by like-minded group members (often with similar life-challenges and goals), and Thrive Group leaders.

Below is a list of several new groups offered at Thrive Boston Counseling. If you are new to Thrive Therapy Groups, in addition to reading the information below, feel free to call us at 617-395-5806, and a member of our Thrive Counseling support team will be happy to answer your questions.

Thrive “Life-Change Wellness” Group

It is a truth of life—sometimes a difficult truth—that everything changes. Often we take change in stride. For example, when our shoes are old and worn out we buy new shoes; or when out stomachs change from full to hungry, we eat a meal.

However, as simple as some changes are, others are equally complicated and difficult. Major life transitions such as the end of a relationship, an age-related life transition, a recent move to Boston, a career change, or a lifestyle change (to name a few) can feel overwhelming.

If you are looking for ways to cope with a recent or upcoming life change, or if you are looking for ways of gracefully and healthfully accepting and embracing change in your life—this group could be a good fit for you.

Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, has made a core value of his customer-focused company “To embrace and drive change.” This is one of the many philosophies on change we will review, discuss, and practice during this 8-week Thrive Group.

Thrive Couples Counseling Group

It has been said that all couples, even couples with great relationships, face challenges and even times of “disaffection of heart.” If you are in a relationship that is struggling, or has recently encountered difficult times, this Boston Therapy Group will show you that you and your significant other are not alone.

During this 8-week Thrive Group, you will interact and share with other couples trying to improve, deepen, and in some cases save their relationships.

Nearly 40% of all sessions at Thrive Boston Counseling are with couples. While we are advocates of couples counseling, this Thrive Group offers something that traditional couples counseling cannot—an opportunity to share and learn from other couples, and a rare opportunity to connect with others wanting to repair and strengthen their relationship or marriage bonds.

Parents, Step-parents, & Guardians United

Parents today face many unique challenges: Raising a “modern” child in today’s world, both parents working full time, aging parents, time starved lives, financial challenges, special needs children, and the list goes on. In addition, many parents today are finding themselves in “new families”, blended families, and modern families—and while being a parent in these situations can be vary rewarding, it can also be overwhelmingly difficult.

Join with your partner and other parents in developing support and discussing challenges in—and strategies for—raising healthy, thriving children in these very challenging times.

During the 8-week duration of this Boston Therapy Group you will, (1) learn new findings about child and adolescent development, (2) discover and develop your personal parenting style, (3) join with your partner or spouse to strengthen your team parenting approach, (4) practice new parenting strategies, (5) build or restore healthy dynamics for family team functioning.

The Art of Happiness

Lasting happiness is something we are passionate about at Thrive Boston Counseling, and recent research in positive psychology has taught us a great deal about finding and maintaining happiness in life. For example, one’s sense of (1) perceived control, (2) personal progress, and (3) personal purpose are just three of many happiness-building strategies that are discussed and practiced in this 8-week Boston Therapy Group.

This psycho-educational Thrive Group was developed to introduce participants to effective happiness building (positive psychology) techniques, and the group offers a rare platform for practicing those strategies and sharing one’s experience in a positive and supportive group environment.

Boston Therapy Group Details and FAQ:

Can anyone join a group?

Yes…and no. We hope that you will inquire about joining a Thrive Group. However, we want to make sure that our groups are a good fit for you before you join. Before we get started, the group leader (a Thrive Boston therapist) will meet with you to learn your unique needs and goals, and to make sure we are a best fit for you.

How long do groups run for?

After a group is assembled, it will run weekly for 8 weeks (sometimes, in the instance of a holiday, the group is extended a week). After the 8 weeks, the group goes through a “re-enrollment period.” During re-enrolment, new members can join the group, and current members can decide to either end their participation or continue for another 8 weeks. It is normal for persons to re-enroll in a group many times, as the relationships in the group can become very powerful assets in members’ lives.

In terms of the length of each session, each group session runs for 75 minutes (a common time is from 7:15-8:30).

How Many People are in a group?

Groups are kept small. A minimum of 5 individuals are necessary to begin a group, and a maximum of 10 participants are allowed. For couples groups, 4 couples are required to begin a group, and there is an enrollment cap of 6 couples. In addition, 1 or 2 Thrive Counselors lead each group.

How much does it cost to participate in a Thrive Group?

We try to keep the price as affordable as possible. The cost is $50.00 per session, and we ask that participants commit to a 8-weeks of participation. In some cases, insurance benefits will cover the cost of participation in a group.

Where do groups happen?

All groups take place at Thrive Boston Counseling, at 872 Massachusetts Ave, st 2-2, Cambridge MA, 02139

Who will be running my group?

1 or 2 Masters- or Ph.D.-level counselors run each Thrive Group. To read more about our team, click here: Meet the team!

Thrive Boston Group Therapy - 617-395-5806.

Enrollment is Limited. Because we keep each group size small, Groups will become full. For more information about joining a group, talk for your counselor at Thrive, or call Thrive Boston Counseling Support at 617-395-5806. We will help you to get into a group that is a good fit for you!