Boston Concierge Therapy, Boston Concierge Counselor

It is the mission of Thrive Boston Counseling to be the most “client-centric” counseling and life coaching practice anywhere, and true to this mission Thrive has built a strong reputation for providing a gold-standard level of service to people living in Cambridge, and the greater Boston area.

One way that we provide our clients an excellent level of service is by offering premium concierge services that we call “The Cambridge Plan.” Listed below are just some of the benefits you will experience when you begin counseling or life coaching at Thrive. If you have any questions, please feel free to talk with your counselor or life coach.

Premium Concierge Benefits

Counselor Access by Telephone

As a Thrive client, you will be able to consult with your counselor by telephone, even if you don ’t have an appointment. If your counselor is in session when you call, you can expect him or her to call you back as soon as he/she is available (even during evening hours). If you have an urgent need or if your counselor isn’t available, Thrive has 24-hour live call answering standing by, and a mental health professional will consult with you immediately.

Priority Email Reply

As a Thrive client you are provided with the email address of your counselor who will, on weekdays, respond to your emails upon receipt. Also, since many counselors at Thrive receive emails by both computer and smart phone, email response is often very prompt.

Extended Hours

A counselor’s schedule can easily become very full, especially during popular time slots. For clients with busy schedules themselves, it can become a struggle just to find a time that works. At Thrive, clients benefit from our extended hours of operations, and some of our counselors even offer weekend appointments.

Same-Day Service

If you are experiencing an immediate need to be seen by your counselor, your counselor will find a same-day appointment time for you (some Thrive counselors even offer weekend appointments).

Session Length Grace

If you have been in counseling or life coaching, you know that discussions do not always fit within the customary 45 minute session time. We hate to be watching the clock as much as you do! At Thrive, your counselor will provide occasional grace time during sessions when extra time is needed to finish a discussion.

Private and Relaxing Environment

At Thrive, we do everything we can to make your experience a positive one. We have designed our office to have two waiting rooms for your increased privacy and comfort. We also play soothing music, provide comfortable seating, and offer dozens of magazines to read. In addition, we begin 90 percent sessions within 5 minutes of the scheduled time, so our clients don’t spend a lot of time waiting in our “waiting rooms.”

Refreshments and WIFI

Two of our newest benefits were offered upon client request. Thrive now provides Free WIFI to our clients, and we provide an array of refreshments (coffee, tea, juice, and various soft drinks) at no additional cost to our clients.

Designated Parking

Parking in Cambridge seems to be getting more difficult by the day. Thrive has several designated parking spaces for client use (and we’re always trying to find more as the need for parking increases!). This means less stress looking for a space if you are driving to your appointment.

Most importantly, we know you will love the quality of care that Thrive counselors and life coaches provide. Lastly, we are always learning from our clients new ways to provide extraordinary care. We welcome your comments and feedback!