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Internationally renowned psychologist, Arch Hart, recently wrote that children today experience more change in their first year of life than persons experienced throughout their entire lives—only a few generations ago.

My name is Dr. Anthony Centore, Founder of Thrive Boston Counseling. While I cannot know what your specific situation is, or how you came upon this Boston Child Therapy page, if you are reading these words right now, you are perhaps in one of the following situations.

  1. You are parent or guardian struggling with parenting your child (or children).
  2. You are noticing some things about your child that worry you, and you have found yourself asking—“Is my child ok, or is there something wrong with my child?”.
  3. Something difficult has recently happened, and you want to make sure your child is able to cope and recover fully.
  4. Something difficult is going to happen (a move, a divorce, a death, etc.), and you want to make sure your child is prepared

As I write these different situations parents can find themselves in with their children, I am realizing that as broad as these categories are, they still cannot completely encompass the areas of difficulty and concern that parents often find themselves in.

An Authority in Boston Child Therapy

Thrive Boston Counseling is a leading private counseling practice located in Cambridge, MA. We are dedicated to a philosophy that everyone can, and should have the opportunity, to Thrive in life.

Counselors at Thrive Boston Counseling have been quoted or highlighted in Boston Magazine, The Boston Globe, The Boston Business Journal, The Boston Herald, and have even been published several times in the popular Boston Magazine “Parents & Kids.”

In fact, an article we wrote about Parenting During Difficult Economic Times, was recently highlighted on the homepage of WickedLocalParents dot com.

Boston Child Therapy

In addition, Dr. Anthony Centore was a co-author in two chapters in the popular parenting book, "Loving Your Child Too Much" (Integrity Publishers). This book is focused on helping parents grow strong relationships with their children (and adolescents) without over-controlling, overprotecting, or over-indulging.

Boston Child Therapy and Adolescent Therapy

When providing child therapy, a clear understanding on human development is necessary. A therapist needs to be able to identify normal developmental behavior from abnormal development. Hence, helping a child who is 2 is drastically different from helping a school aged child, which is drastically different from teen counseling and adolescent therapy.

Sometimes what parents worry about is a normal part of child/adolescent development. If you are wondering if what you are experiencing as a parent is part of normal growth and development (contact us at 617-395-5806, and we will help you to set up a consultation with one of our experienced therapists).

Dedicated Child Therapy Space and Child Therapy Toys

Children often enjoy coming to Thrive to meet with their counselor. This is, first, because of the counselors at Thrive, who are both well trained and talented in helping kids. In addition, we hava a dedicated space and toys for play therapy sessions. This isn't much of a video, but it does show some of the toys and the space where we have helped children through Play Therapy (a type of child therapy).

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality child counseling therapy service, in Boston, MA. However, we can't know if we are the right counseling practice for you and your family, unless we talk with you. If we're not the right care providers for you, we will help you to find the professional care you and your family deserves.

Let’s Discuss Child Counseling / Child Therapy

Call us at 617-395-5806. Approximately 95% of the time, we are immediately available to speak, during business hours. We know that the lives of parents are stressful, so we make the process of learning about, and scheduling, child therapy services as easy as possible. We offer morning, day, and evening appointments—as well as weekend appointments.

Be well,

Dr. Anthony Centore And the Thrive Boston Child Therapy Team