Boston Therapy Certifications, Credentials, and Awards

Thrive Boston Therapists have established credibility and leadership in the

counseling field. Thrive Boston Therapists have been quoted or

highlighted in:

The Boston Globe
The Boston Herald
Boston Business Journal
Boston Magazine

The Examiner

Wicked Local Boston: Parents and Kids
and many other publications

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Dr. Anthony Centore, Founder of Thrive Boston

Counseling is a Member of the International Society for

Mental Health Online. Visit.

For the benefit of our clients, Thrive Boston Counseling and

Therapy (Thrive Counseling LLC) is accredited by the Better

Business Bureau. Visit:

(business ID: 16120).


Boston Counseling Paypal

Thrive Boston Counseling and Therapy has been verified by

Paypal as a legitimate provider of services.



Boston Counseling Certified

Some Therapists at Thrive Boston Counseling and

Therapy are Certified by the International Board of

Christian Counselors.

Several select therapists working at Thrive Boston Therapy are

active members of the American Association of Christian

Counselors. visit: